Award Badges


As part of my online learning module I intend to use badges. Schoology has a badge system imbedded into the programing of the learning management system, which is one reason I decided to use Schoology as the platform for delivery in this online learning module. Educause (2012) describes badges as digital tokens that are awarded to signify accomplishments, mastery of skills, and to recognize experiences and expertise. Badges appear as logos or icons on the website. My online learning module will be a hybrid/blending-learning environment made up of mini lessons of core content as well and have imbedded digital literacy lessons and goals. Student will earn badges based on their learning, collaboration, participation in online and in face-to-face curriculum, having a positive attitude, displaying problem solving skills (which is an important skill as a digital learner), and showing leadership characteristics.


Within Schoology I can customize badges to fit the assessment and learning objectives as well as use premade badges. Badges support and reinforce the academic achievement of students. Once a student meets the specified criteria of a badge the badge is awarded to the student. The badge then appears on the student account as a logo or icon. Badges can become a motivator for students, a form of feedback and an assessment trail while participating in an online learning community. Badges also have become a way to highlight hidden or “silent” accomplishment. This will validate and help motivate learners to maintain and active role in their learning as a visible participant.



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